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Thread: Cova?

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    What do you think about the name Cova? Does it sound too made up or could it be a fun alternative to the increasingly popular Cora? What middle name would you pair with it?

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    Actually, when I first saw it, I thought of it as an alternative to Nova. I think's it's cute, because of it's similarity to the word 'cove', which makes me think of oceans and seas. Cove can be used as a name, but never really appealed to me. Cova appeals to me a lot more, but I see is being better middle name material than first name material.

    Cova Louise
    Cova Elowen
    Cova Willow
    Cova Elizabeth
    Cova Jean
    Cova Beatrice
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    Oh! Yeah, I hadn't even thought of it being an alternative to Nova! I love Cova Louise and Cova Beatrice

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    Just curious where you heard the name Cova? Someone in my family actually already has that name.

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    very made up and that has the feeling of 'desperate to be different'

    it reminds me of Nova as well which also has the 'desperate to be different' vibe
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