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    Brainstorming boy names

    I'm having trouble coming up with a name for baby #4 that hubby and I both like. I've already posted in the girls' forum because we aren't sure yet whether we are having a girl or boy and having equal trouble with both genders! As far as boys' names, the only one my DH really loves is Titus. At first, I hated it... mentioned it to my mom and the first thing out of her mouth was "It sounds like 'Tight-@$$'!!" I'm also not sure about NNs since the only thing that really works is 'Ty' - very cute, but it happens to also be my husband's NN. However, all this aside the name is growing on me... I love strong Hebrew names (we are Christians and many Hebrew names really suit our style, plus have beautiful meanings that honor our faith) and I think Titus is unique and masculine without sounding too harsh. It also goes with our son's name (Timothy). Other than Timothy we have two daughters, Eliana and Aaralyn. As you can probably tell, I like names that aren't overly common, but I also place high value on the meaning of a name. Without disregarding Titus, I'd like to consider more names before we agree on that one. We do have a list going so I thought I'd share it and see what you all think... plus give the opportunity for more suggestions which I might not have thought of.

    Already vetoed from the list by DH are Phineas (because of that stupid show Phineas & Ferb!!), Gabriel, Thaddeus, Solomon, Noah, Theodore, Callan, Gideon & Isaiah.

    Boy names:
    **Titus (Greek: Honorable, Pleasing)
    **Isaac (Hebrew: Laughter)
    Cohen (Hebrew: Priest)
    Callum (Gaelic: Spirit of peace, Dove)
    Levi (Hebrew: "To join")
    Elijah (Hebrew: Jehovah is God)
    Liam (Hebrew: "My people", Germanic "Helmet, protection")
    Felix (Latin: Happy, Blessed)
    Ezra (Hebrew: "Helper")
    Joshua (Hebrew: "Yahweh is salvation") - NN Joss rather than Josh
    Cadmus (Greek: He who excels)
    Cal/Calvin (Latin: little hairless one - this is my dad's name)
    Maximus (Max) - Greek: Great
    Sebastian (after san sebastian, spain - where my hubby and I met) - Greek: revered (DH thinks this would be better as a middle name but I just love it as a first name..)
    Tyrus (Hebrew: Rock, strength)

    Middle name ideas

    Daniel (Hebrew: God is my judge)
    Alexander (Greek: Defender)
    James (Supplanter)
    Benjamin (Hebrew: Son of the right hand)
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    I like Sebastian James =)

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    oooh me too. Convincing my slightly more name-conservative husband that using the first name Sebastian is not a cruel thing to do to our child is the issue! He wanted 'Luke' at first... which is a lovely name but doesn't go with the other three names at all... he's also mentioned Joshua a few times but it just seems that every second guy you meet from age 3-30 is named Joshua or Josh, which puts me off a bit. I was so surprised when he came out with 'Titus' because it's so abnormal compared to his usual preferences for boys' names!

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