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    jaderain - They're beautiful! I love their names too

    Jemama - Wow, Wolfgang and Linus look so much alike! Wolfgang is so handsome, by the way. He has grown so much!

    I havent been on here in a while...

    Hazel is still being cute but I haven't uploaded any of my camera pictures to my new laptop. I'm still baby mooning (A month later. Hehe.)

    Arthur turned one month the other day! Can't believe it has been one whole month (+ a few days) already.

    (Stole this pic from DH's instagram . I'll probably delete it after a few days because I've recently turned into a privacy freak. )

    sigh. He sleeps nearly all of the time.

    Edit: Oops I apoligise. I didn't realise the pic would be so big! :roll:
    How strange that you're claiming this baby is Arthur, while the blog the picture is actually from ( says his name is Easton Michael. Which is it? Easton, or Arthur? And yes I have informed the admins but I believe you should be publically named and shamed too.
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