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    Daniel Jackson born April 15th.

    Daniel Jackson first night home from hospital (in the robot pajamas big sis picked out for him!)

    Jade Lynn at a friend birthday party.

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    lovely kids-- thanks for sharing. I love the robot pajamas
    Blade, MD

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    Oh i completely missed this thread!
    Loved seeing the the names in the signatures!
    Yes, nameberries have beautiful, darling kiddos!

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    @jaderain - Is his name truly, honestly Daniel Jackson?

    Cause if it is.... that is beyond awesome in a very geeky way.
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    @ Kibby. Yes, I always loved the name Daniel. DH didn't, but agreed only of the middle could be Jackson. I thought it sounded pretty good, and was totally worth getting Daniel out of the deal. I never really watched the show... Star Gate... I think? Dh is a fan though, obviously.

    @blade. Thanks. Your son is cute, too.
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