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    Can you all tell I have nothing better to do than dig up pictures and nurse a newborn? My kids have been taking turns with my parents and inlaws (both live in the same town about 15 minutes away...we are all very lucky!) and my "baby moon" officially ends Tuesday when DH goes back to work and school so enjoy all the time I have on NB now before the crazyness kicks in and life is back to normal, lol.

    When I was pregnant with Wolfie, DH took this of the kids touching "their baby"
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    Its not working for me so I'll add a link

    I'm the oldest in the photos and I am the blonde haired one
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    Jenn, that photo is lovely! I love Violet's expression (she could've been a hobbit child in Lord of the Rings!), and Bronwen is just beautiful. Sebastian and Linus too. And their hair!!!! Assuming your hubbie is a curlyhead?
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    im new to the forums and i'd like to introduce my daughter, hazel

    I'm finally getting the hang of the fancy camera that my DH got my for my birthday last year, haha. Everyone's LO's are adorable, @rin he has some amazing eyes, I could stare at them for ages!

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    Belated birthday wishes to Antoine and congratulations to you and your husband Blade!

    Here are a few pictures of my munchkins at their first birthday party and then one more recent one. When looking for a picture to post I realized how few recent pictures I have of them in anything but snowsuits and huge hats where you can't see them at all! They will be 20 months in a couple of weeks.
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