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    Nickname for Seraphina?

    I'm in love with the name Seraphina and my husband is starting to like it too (YAY!) But I am having some trouble coming up with nicknames. I would certainly call her my her full name often, but I do like the thought if a cute shorter nickname. I like the alternative spelling "Sera" but I haven't necessarily always loved the sound of the name "Sarah" and how common it is. I know people would always assume that Sera would be Sarah.

    I think Phina is cute. Phia is out though because I do have a niece Sofia who we occasionally call Fia. Any other cutesy NN's?

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    Sephy would probably be my go to nickname for it.

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    I absolutely adore this name too. And I agree with renrose! Also, maybe Rina.

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    Effie - though that may be too close to Fia.

    Sena would be cute too
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    I really like Raph or Rafe as a nn for Seraphina. I realize that is probably not everyone's cup of tea though
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