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    I love Sawyer for a girl. It is one of my top names as well. Love love love!

    What do you think of Seraphina/Serafina? It is a very girls name that your husband might fact it's very similar to the Sophia, Olivia, Isabella girls names that you both seem to like. Sera or Phia/Fia are cute nicknames you might like that remain girly while also being unique.

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    my mom use to call me tilly so i was thinking Matilda and she use to tell me instead of i love you we need olive juice... do yall like Olive for a first name ... i also stumbled across Willowany suggestions/....

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    Olive Auden would be lovely. You might also consider Kinsley to honor your mom. I would use a more girlie middle with it...maybe Kinsley Olivia or Kinsley Olive

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    great suggestions i dont like kinsley but i do like Kinleigh..

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    1,421 are some ideas that may bridge the gap between your two styles:

    Oh, and I love Willow, btw!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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