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    Mixing naming styles for siblings -- how much is acceptable?

    I have a very eclectic naming style for girls. My list is comprised of a few vintage classics, a few nature names, a few literary names, and even a few surnames. Sibsets are oft-discussed on this forum and as someone who likes things to be well-coordinated, I totally understand the rationale for that. I guess I'm wondering what Berries think about mixing genres of names. Can one still have a coherent "sibset" with names from different styles? Can Hazel have a sister Connelly ("Nell")? Can Dulcinea have a sister named Fern? Can Eppie have a sister named Adelaide?

    Thanks and I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions!
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    While I find that I am generally attracted to names that are stylistically similar, siblings do not have to have names that match. I can speak from experiences as my sister and I do not have them (I have a rare French feminine form of a male name while my sister has a tomboyish nickname name). Neither of us ever felt slighted, probably because we both were mistaken frequently for boys (on paper) while growing up. So, I guess in that way are names are similar, yet not. I suppose it is just how far you reach for connections.

    For example, sisters named Hazel and Connelly might seem odd, but Hazel and Nell (what you plan to call her) seems normal. The same with Eppie and Adelaide --- but Eppie and Addie. So cute. I rather like that they are unconventional pairings too.

    Hope this helps!
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    I don't think it's a huge deal. All the names you've suggested don't feel odd together to me. Besides, it's not like the individual child is going to be thought of in reference to their siblings for the rest of their life. It's more important that the names stand on their own.

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    I don't think having a matching sibset really matters to be honest. A lot of people on Nameberry, myself included, enjoy coming up with nice name combos and sibsets, but in real life we might end up choosing something completely different that isn't "perfect" but has special meaning. Sometimes when the names are completely different I find it a little odd. For example a Cayden with a brother named Aurelius seems really odd to me. The way I see it, once your children are grown and moved out on their own, the flow of the sibset won't even really matter. When yelling out the kids names at the park or when introducing them to people, it might seem better/nicer to have a matching sibset, but that don't last very long anyway. They will spend most of their life as adults, away from their siblings.

    My first daughter was stillborn and we named her Serenity. It was a name that was on our list. The name suited her perfectly, and I didn't even think for a second what I would name any future children. Then we had my son and we named him Luther, which is so different from Serenity. I have no idea what we are going to name our next, and I might lean towards a name that matches Luther, but I might not.
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    I think it matters more with names that are very common, trendy or ethnic.
    My general rule is to match names in beauty and rarity.

    I wouldn't use Connelly and Anne because one is trendy and rare and one is classic and common.
    Fern and Hazel would work fantastically because they're both a bit on the old-fashioned side and both are short.
    Dulcinea sounds very Italian to me, so I probably wouldn't match it with something like Fiona, but with something like Beatrice or Antonella or Bianca or Arianna could work well.
    Adelaide is beautiful, but Eppie feels like a nn but maybe with Penelope nn Eppie?
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