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    I don't think its that bad. I love Aurora. I think Rainbow would have been better as a middle, but she loves it. I've heard of way tackier names. The baby can always go by her middle as an adult if she doesn't like her first name. However, if she ends up in the same industry as has parents, then her name is perfect.

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    Rainbow is...ok, as celeb names go. Rainbow Rotella just sounds like multi-colored pasta.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noetje View Post
    The name is Rainbow Aurora. I like Aurora... not so sure about Rainbow though.
    Rainbow is so not unique as a name anyways, especially not in Hollywood.

    I think that's just a horrid choice considering what her mother's career was...Rainbow Aurora is a little too cohesive imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hayleyinwonderland View Post
    Meh - I like it. I'm not sure it works with Rotella as the surname, but I think its workable - I've heard far worse names. It suits her style and she says she's liked it since her schooldays since she was jealous of a girl she knew who had the name - so why not.
    I did the same thing with Ava. I knew a girl from school who had the name and she was so nice and beautiful and gave me such a great association for the name that eventually I used it on my own daughter. I'm not going to make fun of anybody for doing the same thing.
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    The girl will probably go by Rain or Bo or Aurora. I think the reason behind her choosing it is nice. It's pretty hippy-dippy-trippy, but it's better than Dweezil or Moon Unit.

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