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    Alex O'Loughlin's son...

    Just saw it updated that Alex O'Loughlin and Malia Jones named their son Lion. Just curious what everyone else thinks. I think Saxon and Lion are unspeakably cool together, and I have to say, I like Lion a lot more than Leon! Although I'm not sure how usable Lion is to us commoners, it sounds an awful lot like "lyin'". I'm a sucker for animal names, though, and I think Lion is just adorable...
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    Lion has always been one of those words that the more often I say it, the less it feels like a legitimate word. Say it enough in a row and you start to think, "wait... is that actually the word? Lion? That's so weird".

    Still, it's pretty cool. But I do like Leon.

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    I'm more devastated that he has a son. Lol, but I'm not really feeling's too literal for my tastes.
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    There's a character in Valley of the Dolls named Lyon Burke, and that was my first association. I actually think that Lion is very wearable. I feel like I'm seeing Hawk, Bear, and Fox getting tossed around increasingly on these boards, and I definitely see Lion being at least as easily wearable as any of those names. I think it's one of those names that maybe seems more out there on first impression than it would feel in regular use, if that makes any sense. Saxon and Lion is a really interesting pair for brothers.

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    I don't really like Lion, honestly. It's just too much of an animal for my style.

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