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    Quote Originally Posted by noetje View Post
    The name is Rainbow Aurora. I like Aurora... not so sure about Rainbow though.
    I was just about to say.

    She said she chose Rainbow because she wanted her daughter to have something "unique." Ehhh. Some words are not popular as names for a reason, and there are plenty of unusual and rarely-heard options that would wear better. I find Rainbow gag-worthy, especially paired with the otherwise lovely Aurora :/ and this coming from someone with a great appreciation for names that are commonly deemed "hippie."

    Names that have Rainbow in the meaning:
    Anuenue (Hawaiian: Rainbow)
    Enfys (Welsh: Rainbow)
    Iris (Greek: Rainbow)
    Itzel / Ixchel (Native American: Rainbow Lady)
    Kahili (Hawaiian: Rainbow Part)
    Kahukura (Maori: Rainbow)
    Kako (Japanese: summer rainbow)
    Keshet (Hebrew: Rainbow)

    I'm partial to Enfys (below Top 1000), Itzel (currently 405 and relatively steady) and Kahili (below Top 1000).

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    Aurora is beautiful.

    Rainbow isn't.
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    Meh - I like it. I'm not sure it works with Rotella as the surname, but I think its workable - I've heard far worse names. It suits her style and she says she's liked it since her schooldays since she was jealous of a girl she knew who had the name - so why not.
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    I remember on an episode of Girls Next Door she dressed as Princess Aurora for a trip to the Renaissance Faire; hearing she picked it for her daughter doesn't surprise me much because she said Aurora is her favorite princess. Rainbow, though...that kind of surprises me. I think Aurora Rain would have been lovely, though.
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    Lol, I try to never say anything bad about a name choice, but when you say that baby's name out loud it sounds like you're mumbling, lol.

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