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    Need girl name ASAP!

    Hi! I have two boys, Dylan and Hudson. I'm having a girl in 8 weeks-no name decided yet. Help!

    Last name-Long.

    Dylan, Hudson and Baby Girl---?

    I plan on using my first name as her middle name. So,

    ---Kathryn Long

    I've thought about Charlotte and Ella, but am not sold 100%.

    What would be pretty?

    Advice needed please!

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    I guess what is your definition of pretty? What style of names do you prefer?

    here are a few different options..

    Georgia Kathryn Long
    Zeili (Prn Zay-lee) Kathryn Long
    Everleigh Kathryn Long
    Alice Kathryn Long
    Lyra Kathryn Long

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    out of the two you chose I like Charlotte...classy and has the cute nm charlie =)

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    I like Charlotte Kathryn long. Other suggestions:
    Amelia Kathryn Long
    Sophia Kathryn Long
    Olivia Kathryn Long
    Grace Kathryn Long
    Hope this helped!
    Raquel-23 year old who loves names, books, and languages

    Ladies: Clara Josephine, Amelia Juliet, Louisa Genevieve, Rose Caroline, Charlotte Rosamund, Eleanora Winter, Marina Adelaide, Emmeline Margot, Alice Primrose,Annabel Frances, Catherine Isabella, Vivienne Lucille
    Gentlemen: Frederick Arthur Louis, Nicholas Hugo, Henry Oliver, William Grey, Matthew Isaiah, Thomas Alaric, George Everett, Edmund Tobias, Asher Benjamin, and James Raphael

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    I prefer Ella, but I'd consider giving her a longer first name with the nickname Ella.

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