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    A Lily by any other name?

    Hello Berries

    First post, long time lurker, not pregnant but trying to figure out names to get used to the idea of this whole motherhood thing and make it more "real". Hoping to have my first next year.

    My dilemma is for girl names.
    My grandmother was a Lily born in 1919. She died 13 years ago and I adored her. When I was small I always remember thinking how beautiful her name was and how if I ever had a daughter, I would want a Lily.

    Forward to 2013 and BAM... Lilies everywhere. It saddens me a little but I still love the name.
    ( and Lily also honours my mother as she is a Susan= Lily)


    I would love opinions.

    Should I stick with Lily even if it is getting incredibly popular?
    Or is an alternative a wiser choice?

    Linnea is at the top of the list so far ( Li-NEH-ah), nn could be Lily?

    Any other suggestions would be lovely!

    Added difficulty: The name has to sound good in French also (half French), but the kid's surname will be Scottish!


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    Lily has too much meaning to you! I don't think you should abandon it because of popularity. She'll always be your Lily regardless of how many other Lilies she meets. If it makes you feel any better, I'm an Emily born in the 90s and only occasionally do I have another Emily in my class. (There are three Emilys in my ceramics class right now, but that has never, ever happened to me before.)

    If popularity turns you off of the name, perhaps consider the name of a type of lily. Do you like Calla?
    Saoirse Lily ♢ Leona Daphne ♢ Alice Niamh ♢ Mira Tamsin
    Blaise Edward ♢ Percy Domhnall ♢ Ciarán Hector ♢ Séamus Jon

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    Thank you for your reply! I'm an Emily too (and there were tons of us wherever I went, but hey...) !

    I think Calla in lovely but it does not work at all with the surname...

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    I think Lily is adorable. Don't abandon it just because it's popular; if you love it, use it.

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    I also love Lily--so much that I named my daughter Lily Hope (double first name). She mainly goes by Lily, but she'll start kindergarten next year and she's starting to write out her full first name and wants to go by it more. Anyway, have you thought about doing a double first name? Lily Kate, Lily Pearl, Lily Anne....the options are endless. And I was concerned that Lily is way too common, but she is the first one her pre-school teacher has ever had--and she's taught for over 15 years! if you really love the name, don't worry about popularity. Good luck!

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