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    Possible first name but stuck now with the middle!!

    So after much thought we like the name Eden but now stuck with a middle name! I quite liked Rose but DH not so sure (gggrrr!) Any ideas??? X

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    Eden Rose is nice but I think it needs a loner middle name. Eden used to be on my list and when it was my combo was Eden Alexandra which i think is beautiful.
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    Eden Rose is pretty. I'm with the pp, though--I'd like something a bit on the longer side. I love the pp's suggestion of Eden Rosalie (I was going to suggest it myself!). A few other ideas:

    Eden Olivia
    Eden Johanna/Giovanna
    Eden Josephine
    Eden Caroline
    Eden Felicity
    Eden Violet
    Eden Charlotte
    Eden Georgiana/Georgia
    Eden Gabrielle
    Eden Helena

    Good luck!
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    I agree with previous posters: I think Eden (lovely by the way) needs a bit of a longer middle name. If you are wanting something Rose-related, here are some suggestions...

    Eden Arrosa
    Eden Ruzena
    Eden Rosine
    Eden Rosette
    Eden Roselle
    Eden Rosella
    Eden Rosanna
    Eden Rosana
    Eden Rosina
    Eden Rosa
    Eden Roseta
    Eden Rosetta
    Eden Rosalia
    Eden Rosita
    Eden Rosanne
    Eden Rosalba
    Eden Rosalie
    Eden Rosaline
    Eden Rosamund
    Eden Rosalind
    Eden Rosalinda
    Eden Rosemary
    Eden Rosemarie
    Eden Primrose
    Eden Briallen (Welsh)
    Eden Raisa
    Eden Rosario (Spanish, but sounds slightly masculine)
    Eden Rosyn
    Eden Rosalina
    Eden Rosabelle
    Eden Rosabella
    Eden Raisa
    Eden Nisrine ('wild rose' in Persian)
    Eden Vardia ('rose of God' in Hebrew)

    I personally would go for something with more than two syllables but any of them sound beautiful, frankly - I love Eden Rosemary, Eden Rosita and Eden Rosalba!

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