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    I'm a Canadian with a best friend in your Anglo/Franco situation. Family names are also really important to me and like you I was named after my two grandmothers. Given your sons names, I would definitely pick Marion. I know of a baby named this and I find it so refreshing and lovely. It goes very well witht he boys' names.

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    I like Beatrice Nicole! Do you like Margo (variation of Marguerite)?

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    Beatrice is my favorite from your list, assuming you don't mind the wildly different French/English pronunciations. I think Beatrice Anna goes perfectly with your sons' names. Josephine and Marguerite are lovely options, too.
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    You have a fantastic list of names!
    Anna - lovely
    Charlotte- another great name, works well in French, but like you said it's pretty popular.
    Marion- I prefer the Marian spelling. Better yet, what about Marianne? That could really work because it blends Mary and Anne beautifully.
    Simone- not really my style
    Maude- is alright, but I'm not really wowed by it, even in French.

    From your "we just love it" list, I think Cecile, Josephine, and Beatrice are lovely.
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    Firstly I think you really do have a challenge. I'm from an interfaith family father Irish Catholic and Scottish Protestant but brought up catholic and mother Polish Israeli Jewish they tried to find a name that represented their backgrounds struggled and argued so much about it that they abandoned the idea and simply went with historical upper-crust names. So I really do respect the fact that your trying to find bilingual names.

    I love Simon have you thought of Simeon spelling wise? Simeon is more commonly used in France and is the original Hebrew spelling. Either way Simon Felix is very handsome!

    Thoughts on the girls names:
    Anna - love this name I have never liked Hannah but I adore Anna the sound of Anna is really lyrical and pretty. To be honest I adore the simplicity of Anna and as she has significance to you I'd defiantly use. I love the combination of Anna Charlotte! I also like Anna Judith.

    Charlotte - this name is really elegant, historically rich, and sweet. She's an adorable choice. I also like the nickname Lottie. Charlotte would work well with many of middle name choices. I love Charlotte Anna (also Anna Charlotte) or Charlotte Mary.

    Marion - A strong, majestic name! Marion is a lovely classic and I think she sounds very romantic. I also love the associations of the name Marion. She's stunning. I think Marion is defiantly ready for a comeback. I like the idea of Marion Nicole. Nicole makes Marion sound younger as well.

    Simone - I like this name she sounds very pretty and feels very 'French' which I think is rather refreshing. I think Simone Judith sounds rather pretty.

    Cecile - I personally prefer Cecily or Cecilia their prettier and sound softer. I think Cecile Anna sounds pretty.

    Josephine - I love this name, she's timely and fresh! Josephine feels very elegant and wholesome. A great choice I also love the nickname Josie. Josephine Mary feels really classic.

    Marguerite - I think this name is rather classical and elegant. However despite this I'm unsure on whether I actually like Marguerite. I think Marguerite would sound pretty with a light name like Poppy or Rose.

    Beatrice - I love this name, she's really pretty. I love the Shakespeare association as well. I think Beatrice Nicole sounds sweet.

    I think these names fit in with your son's names well!

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