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    Not keen on Declan, sorry! But I love James/Jameson.

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    I think Declan is a great name. My second cousins name is Declan and when he was named it (20 years ago) our whole family thought it was the strangest name ever. I've always thought it was a cool, unique name. I don't think it'll ever become an Aiden. Traditional boys names such as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are still holding strong for the top boys names and I don't think something like Declan would ever become that popular despite it being a cool name.

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    Declan is popular but I don't see it becoming the next Aidan/Caden/Braden thing as you can't change the spelling much If at all.

    Jameson doesn't bring the liquor to mind at all, maybe it is because I don't drink much. It is a middle name that has meaning.

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    I think Declan James is a fantastic name! Have you considered Duncan? I also love this one. I don't see Declan being the next Aiden. I really love James, but Jameson is not my fav. I think it is nice, I just wouldn't personally use it.

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    Declan is a great name, but others have also noticed its appeal and it does seem to be one of those trendy names. I don't think it would feel as common as Aiden, though, as Declan has a single spelling and doesn't have a lot of rhyming partners (like Caiden/Braeden/etc.). I still say use it if you love it, but use it knowing you may meet other little Declans and it won't be perceived as an original choice. Nora, while classic, is also enjoying refreshed popularity right now, so if you're happy with your choice there, you may not be too disappointed by Declan.

    I like Jameson as a son for James, and I totally get the flow thing. My husband is Jacob and I have considered using Jacobson as a middle where flow is an issue. I prefer James if it works with a fn, but if not, go for Jameson!

    Your daughter's name is gorgeous, btw, and Nora and Declan would sound fantastic together!

    (Declan Jameson sounds wonderful, if you're considering the pairing.)

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