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    I see what you are saying. I too remember when Aiden was a fresh, Irish-transplant that seemed stylish and sweet. Declan has all those elements. It lacks, however, a plethora of vowels and the potential for modification that made Aiden so big.
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    Declan James is a very handsome name. I love it. I have no idea why you say that Jameson is connected to alcohol. I think Jameson is a handsome name with all the modern vibes that people like so much.


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    Since when is James "filler"? If that's so, then all one-syllable names are filler. I actually prefer the purity of James over the surname-iness of Jameson.

    Declan is a great name. I don't see it becoming another Aidan because there is no easy way to simply vary the first letter and come up with alternatives. Jeclan? Keclan? I don't think so. The closest similar name (in sound) would probably be Lachlan. The only Declan I know is over 50, so, to me, that puts the name in more of a classic Irish category than a trendy one.....

    Declan James is a great wearable name.

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    I like both names. I think Declan is more familiar, but I don't see it as the next Aidan by any means. I say familiar because its on the show Revenge...which has a huge fan base. I know of 2 Declan's but do not know any personally.

    I didn't think of liquor with fact I still don't know what you are referring to!

    Declan Jameson is a cool and strong name!

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    Declan James is so handsome, and as James is a family name, I say use it - it is not a filler name.
    Declan is a handsome Irish name that has yet to become trendy or popular, so I wouldn't worry about its popularity.
    As for Jameson, I love it, and it is related to your husband's name, so I would use it!
    (And no, I never thought of the liquor when I read the name Jameson!)
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