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    Honest critiques of these two names?

    I have asked about these two names before on Yahoo! Answers, but I always get the "If you love it then who cares!" answers. Not what I'm looking for. I know you guys here will give me truthful, real critiques because let's be honest - if I really didn't care, then I wouldn't be asking to begin with.

    Okay, so the first name is Declan. I have loved this name for close to 5 years and suddenly in the last year or so, I've been seeing its popularity grow. Not necessarily being USED yet, but I've seen it on more and more name lists and being suggested much more frequently, so it's clearly on many people's radar. I fear it could become the next Aidan/Caden/Braden fiasco and ruin it for me. I do not like trendy names and I am afraid it's going to start giving off that vibe (or perhaps ::gulp:: it already is?).

    The second name is Jameson. First off, let me say it would ONLY be used as a middle name if at all. My husband's name is James and most likely, if we have a son, his middle name will be James. Yes, I know it's "filler," but I still love it and not only is it my husband's name, but we also have several other people on both sides of our family who have this name (one of our top favorite names is Declan James). Some of my favorite first names, however, need to be paired with a longer middle name than James which is where Jameson comes into play. On top of its obvious connection to James, my brother-in-law's name is Jason, so it's a combination of both their names. I am an only child and Jason is my husband's only sibling so he's a very important person to both of us. My concern is - as you may have guessed - the liquor. Is the connection too strong? My secondary concern is trendiness. The whole "son" thing. Ugh. Although, since it's a middle name and it has so much personal meaning, the possible trendiness vibe doesn't concern me nearly as much as the liquor.

    Sorry for the long explanation, but I wanted to make sure I was painting a clear picture for everyone and see where I was coming from.

    Thanks for your input.
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    I'm also considering Jameson as a middle for our future son as my husband's name is James, too. I'm not really concerned about the whiskey! I think Jameson sounds better than James with some of our combinations.

    I really like Declan! I don't think it's very popular and unlikely to become the next Aidan. I think Declan James is a lovely combo.
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    Ugh, I know! The names I have loved for years and years were NEVER popular but now that I'm actually naming children, they suddenly shoot through the roof. ARGH! That said, is Declan's popularity growing? Yes, but I don't think it's "trendy". Will it ever reach the heights of Aiden/Caden/Brayden? I don't think so. I can't really explain my reasoning because my head is ridiculously congested at the moment and my brain is refusing to work correctly, but I just don't think so. Declan James is SO handsome and I disagree about James being filler! I love James as a middle. Jameson is definitely the most popular (at least in my limited real life experience) and definitely trendy (and we can tell that by the fact that it's starting to be used on girls). However, I agree with you 100% that because it has meaning for you, it defies that trend. You're not using it solely because "it sounds good." You're using it for very well thought out reasons that honor family. That supersedes all else in my opinion.

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    Love Declan, and I haven't met any thus far. I definitely think it will rise in popularity, but it can't possibly be the next Aidan/Caden/Braden.
    Jameson... I know a toddler Jameson who can be a total terror. He has definitely turned off the name for me, though he was the first I'd ever heard of it.
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    I think part of what made Aiden/Braeden/Caedan/Braedyn/Aidyn/Kadyn such a powerhouse was multiple names with similar sounds and lots of spelling variations. I don't think Declan is similar enough to any other names to get sucked into a vortex like that. And I don't think any single name could have been that popular. All that being said Declan is a good name. I think Declan James is very nice.

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