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    Zion already is a rugged, spiritual name. It seems a lot more out there than the rest of your names so I'd probably go with something a little more like the other first names on your list for Zion's middle name.
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    alzora - I've never really thought of checking graveyards, but that's not a bad idea! I did think about using Biblical mountain names, but with Zion already being one I was worried it would get too over-the-top theme-y. I'm honestly not sure what I'm going for. I don't want him to be so overtly Christian that he feels out of place on my list, but I am so drawn to strong Biblical boy names. You seem to be touching on all the points that inspired my search in the first place!

    leona & rowangreeneyes - I'm with let_it_grow on this one. I have been very vocal about my decision to use the name Zion for the last ten years or so, and this is the first instance of negative feedback I have ever received. This is most likely because in my community, Zion is almost exclusively Christian in association (I say almost exclusively because Zion is also the name of the last human city in the Matrix, so that association does pop up every now and then). There is a Mount Zion Baptist Church or some variation on the theme on every other corner in my hometown. I've chosen the name for its spiritual significance in my faith and in my personal life. The church is called the daughter of Zion...the name represents our spiritual inheritance of the kingdom of heaven and the fact that we are God's children. I've only just heard of Zionism from leona's comment, but the information I found on it suggests that it's a political movement to reclaim the Israeli best Jewish patriotism, at worst a form of racism against the current occupants of said homeland. I am new to the subject and have no interest in choosing a side, but the level of controversy does not seem to equal that of "Stalin" or "Nazi" at all, especially as PP mentioned, I'm not naming anyone Zionism/Zionist. The name of the movement may be taken from the place name Zion, but Zion's history and significance to the Christian faith goes back thousands of years before Zionism began. For me, the personal power and significance of this name and its meaning to me and to people of my faith outweigh the far-removed associations with a controversial political movement. I certainly have no desire to offend anyone, and I appreciate the honest feedback, and the opportunity to work out this issue now rather than after I have a little Zion running around!

    spyro - I have mixed feelings on Phoenix. I love the imagery, but is it too X-Men/Joaquin?

    jshores - I love North! It's in my top two for Caspian's middle name, but Hubs doesn't seem so keen

    cannebella - another favorite that's been vetoed by my other half...I think cartography and adventures and exploration. He says it's literally the weight of the world on the kid's shoulders. Le sigh.

    dsilentf - I think Bennet is a little too surnamey for me, though I love the meaning. Melchior, Balthasar, Ishmael, and Titus are all wonderful!

    litysmama - Zion Truth is really powerful! I doubt Hubs will go for it, but I'm going to ask anyway

    iolakana - Thank you! I love word and nature names, as you can see! My husband really doesn't, I was so pleasantly surprised when he agreed to Willow! I'll have to rustle up some more and see what he thinks.

    let_it_grow - I LOVE your idea of choosing a middle that means peace or love or something equally compassionate and healing, especially in light of the Zionism thing. Maybe I've been going the wrong direction with this whole ruggedness idea!

    otter - you are full of delightful surprises, as always ^_^ Aeneas, Argent, Philemon, and Timbrel are all lovely! Asteridas is amazing but I doubt I can get Hubs on board. I love it so much I'm going to try anyway! Theophilus is stunning but it's been spoken for by a good friend. I love the meaning of Veigh but I'm still feeling out the sound. Thank you love!

    scarletrune - you have such a good point! Zion IS already rugged and mountainous...between you and let_it_grow, I feel like I'm barking up the wrong tree inspiration-wise. I'll have to do some thinking.

    Thank you all so much for the thought-provoking feedback! Berries are the best!
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