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    Thoughts on the name Bronwen?

    It's of Welsh origin. I've had it on and off my list but I'm really starting to like it again. What type of thoughts does this name give you - trendy, quirky, classy, masculine, etc.?

    I already have a daughter named Nora - would Nora and Bronwen be too odd as sisters?

    What nicknames, if any, would you use? I've heard Bronnie, Bonnie, Wen and Wennie.

    FYI: I know Bronwyn is a more popular spelling; however, the traditional, feminine spelling is Bronwen (which I think I prefer).
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    I really love it. It's pretty and not overplayed.

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    Nora and Bronwen share a Celtic origin so I don't think they're too odd as siblings. I love Bronwen. It has a strong sound in the first syllable (Bron) with a softer ending (wen). I'm glad you're going to spell it correctly with the traditional female version Bronwen.
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    I love Bronwen, it was on my list. I actually think it sounds great with Nora! We were going to use Winnie/Wennie as the nickname.

    The name is strong and feminine to me, it is similar in feel to me as Margo is.....kind of sweet and clunky at the same time. I picture Bronwen as kind of a tomboyish name, although I think it works for girly girls, too. The Bronwen I know is very pretty and feminine and petite.....she excelled at dance and violin in her youth. Very smart, sweet and fun loving, too. She is probably in part why I think so highly of the name.
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    I love Bronwen! I know two Bronwyn's, one very tomboy, the other very girly...and both work perfectly for them!

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