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    Hah, thanks you two! Boyandgirl, oh my goodness is always nice to hear!

    Reverie, nah, I love Arden. I just never considered it for a boy before, and got confused. Breathtakingly beautiful, thank you! Rosalind is my favourite at the moment... a little Roo!
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    I can't see any suiting a baby or a little girl. I personally don't like any because they just aren't my style at all. I think I will go with Cressida because it's the only first name I have ever hear before. I really like Iris and Viola though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I like Elysia but boyfriend does not...
    Go figure. I was suspecting it might not be normal enough or too morbid and linked to the Elysian Fields.
    Well I've been thinking about your girls for the last few hours and I think your Rosalind and Zenobia combos are currently my favorite.
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    [QUOTE=ottilie;1802836]Found it! I kind of lost my taste for Arden when I was told it was unisex, is that silly?

    I do know a guy named Arden, but I think as a mn, it is still lovely for a girl. The combo of Daphne Hespera Beatrice flows better though, but if you don't care about flow, Daphne Hespera Arden is still really nice. Have you considered Avon as a mn? As in Stratford upon Avon?
    Your Rosalind combo is still my fave.
    I love Zenobia, but it's just a lotta name as a first. I like your first Zenobia combo best though. I would like it in the middle better. Same goes with Fiammetta, but I do adore Etta. A nn for Zenobia that I like is Bee, but I love Bea for Beatrice, so that's why I would use Bee.

    Best of luck choosing THE name and with the baby and wedding planning! Whew!
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    Rosalind nn Roo would be adorable!

    I'm torn on your Zenobia combos-- on the one hand, I adore Viola. On the other, I adore Beatrice too, and I think the Beatrice combo flows better.

    Of the Shakespeare characters in your combos, I like Viola and Rosalind best! Illyria is a good connection, too. Gotta love Twelfth Night.
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