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    Cressida Viola Amoret! Cressida is growing on me...Prince Harry or no
    Arden Daphne Hespera. I like this one so much more with Arden at the beginning. I am really liking Arden!
    Rosalind Miranda Berenice- wow. Stunning.
    Fiammetta Ophelia Elaine. I can't give up on Fia! I love it!
    Zenobia makes me think of a cranky old aunt. Sorry (I love your picks, but not this one!) I just don't see it on a child or an adult. However, Viola Marian, Nerissa Marian, and Miranda Elaine are beautiful

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    1. Fiammetta Ophelia Elaine
    2. Arden Daphne Hespera
    3. Cressida Viola Amoret
    4. Rosalind Charis Illyria (or Isolde Illyria, depending on if you use Tristan or not)
    5. Zenobia Nerissa Marian

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    1. Fiammetta Ophelia Elaine or Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine - Can't decide. I prefer Yvaine to Elaine as a standalone name, but my (devil's advocate) objection is that it sounds just a bit like "Ophelia-y" as in "I was in an Ophelia-y vein, nearly killed myself."

    2. Daphne Hespera Arden or Hespera Daphne Arden - Love this. I prefer Daphne or Hespera in first place. Probably Hespera, but it depends on the baby.

    3. Rosalind Charis Illyria or Rosalind Miranda Berenice - are my favorites here. Both very special. I love "Miranda Berenice" but you must use Illyria somewhere!

    4. Cressida Charis Amoret or Cressida Viola Amoret - Can't decide. Musically, I think Viola makes a perfect bridge between Cressida and Amoret, though Charis does relate to Amoret in a nice way.

    5. Zenobia Nerissa Marian - love Nerissa.

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    If you used Fiammetta Iris Amoret her initials would be Fia, which is kind of a cool way to get to the nn. Whichever combo you pick will be beautiful. All the best with your new little one!

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    Normal? Sorry, those names are far from normal.
    The most normal one is Cressida Iris Amoret. Illyria Charis Marian might work too.
    I adore Yvaine and Rosalind!
    Some Shakespeare names you might like:
    Cordelia, Helena, Diana, Celia, Imogen, Nerissa, Portia
    Sorry, that probably wasn't much help.

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