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    Picking a name for a real human is so hard!! I completely understand. While we have different styles, your combos are lovely and have so much meaning to you. I love when there is meaning (literary or family) behind a chosen name.

    Cressida Iris Amoret - Very pretty, but I am a sucker for Iris, so I think Iris Amoret Cressida would be nice. Also it separates the s sounds in Iris and Cressida.
    Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine - Very cool name. Love it as is, but also love Ophelia as a first name!
    Gilda Elettra Rosalind - Pretty sounding name, but Gilda is not my favorite of yours just because it reminds me of an American comedian from 20-30 years ago. Not a terrible thing, it just loses some of the elegance compared to your other choices for me.
    Hespera Daphne Arden - Beautiful name, but this is another one that I think would sound equally great as Daphne Arden Hespera. I love the Daphne Arden together.
    Illyria Charis Marian - Flow seems to be off for me with this combo. Maybe Illyria Marian Charis or Marian Illyria Charis.
    Polyhymnia Viola Elaine - Polyhymnia is probably my least favorite of you names. Sorry.
    Zenobia Perdita Isolde - I love Isolde. It is a gorgeous name and would be great as a first name.

    Good luck!!
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    Ottilie, oh my goodness, the baby is basically due tomorrow! How exciting!

    And I know what you mean about normalising. With my first, I basically said, "What do you mean I can't name him Dragonslayer Mephistopheles Wolf-King Ibrahim Jesus Christ Superstar? Nickname: Slay."

    I feel like everything's been thrown out there already, but I will suggest Isolde/Yseult/Yselde as a first, since you've already got it as a middle...then, Cyrene, Penelope (you can't get more normal than that, right?), Estella (I prefer to think of her as a liberating character in G.E.), Hester, Helena, Hera, Zelda, Esmerelda, Sybil. As far as your combos:

    Cressida Iris Amoret - Beautiful!
    Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine - My favourite, swoon-worthy!
    Gilda Elettra Rosalind - I know you've already nixed this, and I think that's a good call. Rosalind as a first would be so sweet. Is it too normal for you?
    Hespera Daphne Arden - the Arden at the end makes me think of this as a line of really preppy clothes.
    Illyria Charis Marian - Oh, the Marian here is so unexpected! Like.
    Polyhymnia Viola Elaine - am glad this was nixed.
    Zenobia Perdita Isolde - I would really like this without the Perdita.

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    Ok, going to try a new tactic for the moment and seperate individuals out of their combos while they're still not set in stone...
    Not all of these lend themselves to immediate matching combos, and I know you won't fully agree with some of the ones I've
    left out, but I'm just seeing what I can do here with the names I personally find absolutely worth keeping for Real Baby. <3

    ~First names I completely love: Arden, Cressida, Fiammetta, Hespera

    ~Middles I'd beg for you to keep: Amoret, Elaine, Illyria, Isolde, Viola

    Arden Elaine Amoret (I'm kind of in love with this, but do you find the initials weird or cute?)
    Arden Hespera Isolde (Love Isolde, and she works well often as one of the few non-A enders)

    Cressida Viola Amoret (I adore Amoret in the third spot the most, especially with Cressida)
    Cressida Arden Ophelia (Maybe too much? You could replace Ophelia with something else...)

    Fiammetta Viola Elaine (Nicely feminine but more strongly pretty than frilly to me, to take this in a newer direction?)
    Fiammetta Illyria Isolde (Really like the repeated long-I sounds, but prefer Elaine/Isolde to Ophelia who has the I+F in common)

    Hespera Elaine Arden (She is still captivating but perhaps just a bit better when simplified without the Rose?)
    Hespera Arden Viola (Yes, very Shakespeare, but I actually do like the repeated A-ending where Hespera is concerned)

    *Edit: To be fair, I do still like Cressida Iris Amoret and Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine, in case those combos stay. =]
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    uniquenamelover, thanks for your comments. Yvaine is from Neil Gaiman's Stardust book, she's a star. I think Perdita is out, no one seems to like it much.

    katie, Daphne Arden Hespera is very pretty, thanks, and for all your thoughts.

    cosmo, yeah he/she is coming very soon! I have to say, Dragonslayer Mephistopheles Wolf-King Ibrahim Jesus Christ Superstar is a badass name. Hehe... Rosalind is taking one of the first spots, I'm liking it more and more! Penelope is growing on me, a few months ago I disliked it but I'm coming around. Estella, Helena and Zelda are all beautiful.

    Amy, I think AEAE is cute!! Arden Elaine Amoret is beautiful. They're all beautiful, you did good. Cressida Viola Amoret, Fiammetta Illyria Isolde & Hespera Elaine Arden all make it onto my list! But they are all gorgeous, love them! These names all feel very golden sunset to me, which is lovely. <3
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    Aww, yay, I'm glad you like them! I think that in the past my name combos for you lingered around the purple starlight image and now these have started to become subconciously draped in orange because of Miss Amoretta's dress in your avatar. I never noticed until now, but I guess I tend to picture that when I'm thinking of names in terms of it being your baby, isn't that funny? =]

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