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    I feel like I need to see Viola in there somewhere :-P She's my girl crush at the moment. Zenobia Marian Viola perhaps?
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    I prefer Zenobia Beatrice Marian over Zenobia Marian Beatrice. That would be my vote out of the Four, although I have a terrible, unexplained dislike for the name Beatrice. Even the great main character of the book I'm reading hasn't been able to change my mind about it. Any chance of Zenobia Marian Viola? Otherwise Zenobia Beatrice Marian sounds perfectly fine and lovely, I'm just weird.

    Edit: Whoops, waited too long to post... what Sessha said. =]

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    Ooh, Zenobia Marian Viola is pretty! Amy, you don't like Beatrice? It's sooo pretty! But Viola is the better Shakespearian heroine.

    Lex, I like Elysia but boyfriend does not...

    Zenobia Marian Viola or Zenobia Beatrice Marian?
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    Oh my goodness! I love Rosalind, Daphne, and Cressida!

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    Oh, I didn't mean to put you off of Arden completely!! I just thought it may not be the best for a first and I'm glad to see it still in there!

    I think Rosalind Illyria Isolde is really giving Fiammetta and Cressida a run for their money. All three are breathtakingly beautiful.

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