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    Another suggestion: Elysia, do you like it?

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    I must admit, I was more than a little upset that Circe was gone, it doesn't have that bad connotations!
    But I suppose if that isn't an option any more then I would rank your list as follows.
    1. Daphne Hespera Arden (I prefer this for some reason over Daphne Hespera Beatrice even though I adore Beatrice so so much. I don't know. Also, I was wondering how you pronounce Beatrice, because that largely determines my favouritism of it.)
    2. Cressida Charis Amoret
    3. Rosalind Illyria Isolde
    4. Zenobia Miranda Marian
    5. Fiammetta Ophelia Elaine (I don't know, I just liked it so so much better when it was Fiammetta Ophelia Noor!)

    Also, how come you took Ceiridwen off of your list? I loved that one too
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    My top 3:

    1. Cressida Iris Amoret
    2. Illyria Charis Marian
    3. Zenobia Perdita Isolde
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    Oh Emma, I like the Villanelle, Clemency, Nyneve, Meriel and Eirlys very very much indeed!

    Blade, haha, yeah sowing machine is not boyfriend... but he did take the notebook. Zenobia Miranda Maris is beautiful. I agree, it does sound better with two.

    Svea, Elysia is very pretty!

    Littlered, I know, I still love Circe but something in me suddenly changed. I became more mum-ish I suspect. And Ceridwen is still in, saving it for a winter baby.

    Kitty, thank you!

    (And thanks for the congratulations, no, Emma, I haven't been dress shopping (8 1/2 months pregnant, feel like I should wait...) but I have looked at some beautiful ones from Lanvin, Temperley, Nina Ricci, Matthew Williamson and Sophia Kokosolaki... all sooo beautiful! I would like to get married looking like Anita Louise, would have to dye my hair though...)
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    Thanks, ottilie! It was meant to a compliment, by the way.

    Anyway, I was just re-reading your name list to inspire my own, and I was suddenly struck with Rosalind Hespera Ondine/Undine. (Not that I'm trying to get rid of Illyria or anything - which I just noticed that I misspelled in my previous post - but I kind of love it....provided I'm pronouncing Ondine right).

    Also, have you considered Celia, Emilia, Iris, Atalanta, Minerva (Minnie would be darling), or Irene?
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