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    I just wanted to mention, Ottilie, that I'm covering a class for a co-worker right now and one of the students is named Zenobia! I had said it sounded like a cranky old aunt, but now that I see it on a real person, I think it's adorable! She is the most beautiful teenager I've ever seen! She goes by ZeZe and Bia. I think the nn might be what swayed me.
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    I hadn't checked this thread in a while because I honestly thought it was just people complimenting your name list! But now that you've changed it up a bit, here's my new favorites order:

    1. Rosalind Illyra Isolde
    2. Daphne Hespera Beatrice (prefer ever so slightly)/Daphne Hespera Arden
    3. Fiammetta Ophelia Elaine
    4. Cressida Charis Amoret
    5. Zenobia Viola Marian or Zenobia Nerissa Marian or Zenobia Miranda Marian
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    dindle, haha, yeah I'd like five little girls. I love that you've met a Zenobia! ZeZe is cute as a bug. Bia too!

    Emma, I do like Zenobia Viola Ondine quite a bit actually. But where does my Marian go? And Joy and Dawn does sound good with Rosa.

    Garnet, yeah I'm just begging for praise... Thanks for the ranking!
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    Rosalind Illyria Eirlys ("snowdrop" as you know, and I like how it echoes Illyria) Come to think of it..
    Rosalind Illyria Echo
    Rosalind Illyria Clemency
    Rosalind Illyria Nyneve (Lady o.t. Lake)
    Rosalind Illyria Cybele
    Rosalind Illyria Villanelle
    Rosalind Illyria Fern

    Rosalind Illyria Maris (previously mentioned by Blade, in lieu of Marian)
    Rosalind Illyria Mariel (or Meriel, or Marian actually, though it does repeat the IA.)

    Also, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! How excellent.
    Most importantly, do you have a dress?! ;-) I imagine you in a silvery spiderweb veil with a necklace of dewdrops, like Anita Louise as Titania in the old musical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Not my husband yet though, we're getting married this summer.

    I left it by the sowing machine...
    Is this your private name for Boyfriend?

    On to business:

    I vote Arden. It is 'unisex' in that it is the name of a forest, but its quasi-homophonous with 'ardent' and 'garden,' as well as being Shakespearean.

    With Rosalind, I do like Isolde [though like Yseult or Ysolde even more]-- though so many of emma's suggestions were amazing, especially Meriel & Eirlys. Perhaps Clemence, as opposed to Clemency? Rosalind Illyria Clemence?

    For Zenobia, if you'd like Marian as-is then Nerissa for sure; otherwise I do like the alliteration of Zenobia Miranda Maris [seems to work better with 2 syllables at the end rather than 3].
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