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    Ooh, yes, I agree with Blade - I much prefer Rosalind Illyria ___. There's something magical about the juxtaposition of those two names. I personally really like Rosalind Illyria Isolde.
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    I've been lurking a lot on your threads, and had a secret hope that you'd normalise your beautiful combos a little. Rosalind Illyria Isolde and Rosalind Elettra Elaine are both so stunning (I love alliterative middles!). I also adore Daphne, so Daphne Hespera Arden seems darling to me (although I find Arden' s unisex/ preppy vibe a bit mismatched with your style). Fiammetta has always been my favourite first for you though, but the new combos don't quite live up to the Noor one for me. A couple of alternative suggestions:
    Fiammetta Ophelia Daphne
    Fiammetta Daphne Dawn
    Fiammetta Ophelia Charis

    All the best!
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    How about Hespera Daphne Amoret? Sad to see Roselaine gone, but I think you have some amazing choices
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    Ooh, let me see.

    Sparrow, yeah, I love Elaine so much. It grounds the name a little as well.

    Tori, thank you, I have rearranged the names a lot, they sound better now

    Reverie, I'm back and forth on the Cressida one... so difficult. I never thought of Arden as unisex until you said that. Well, then it's definitely not a first. Thanks!

    Niamh, thank you! I think it's between Fiammetta and Cressida at the moment... I'm glad you like Zenobia, isn't it sweet?

    Blade, yes, Illyria is going in the middle. I was just thinking the same thing yesterday but forgot to add that. I like all of those combos, very pretty ones.

    Edenlyla, yes I've considered Isolde, but creepy if brother has Tristan as a middle?

    Caroline, hehe, yeah, I think it's a good thing. I love alliterative middles as well, they make it so sing song-y!

    Smooshie, Hespera Daphne Amoret is super pretty!! Thank you!

    Is it creepy/disgusting/horrible/bad bad parenting if siblings have middles Tristan & Isolde?
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    I read the rest of your posts after and that is why I gave more suggestions. Sorry about that. I haven't seen your other threads.
    Please use Rosalind as the first! It's so lovely! My predictions is that Rose names will really take off. You could be ahead of the trend. Rosalind is on my list, but I am not a fan of the nn Roz at all, so I worry about that. Other than that, I just love it. I think the nn Lindy would be adorable.
    I really like the suggestions of Rosalind Illyria something. Rosalind Illyria Amoret? Rosalind Illyria Alice?
    Other suggestion: Cressida needs some "normal" names with it.
    Cressida Daphne Elaine? Cressida Marian Alice? Cressida Penelope Arden?
    You are so lucky that your dh agrees with your naming style, by the way!
    I am sure whatever you pick will suit your little girl to a T.

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