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    I'm British too, but like stereotypical American's am into the 'flow' of a name. I'm a Shakespeare fan, I'm dyslexic so struggle reading a lot of his plays but the plays I have read I've enjoyed also I have many associates with Shakespeare such as England, my Grandmother, succeeding in school and romance. However even though I adore the associations and the theories behind him. I find some of the names difficult to live up too. This is the same with, historical, mythological and literary names. I'm just going to pick through some of these combinations...
    Cressida Iris Amoret - The best combination Cressida sounds easy to live with, she has a easy nickname with 'cressy' and has a good flow as well.

    Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine - To me Fiammetta is a big name to live with, yes she has the nickname 'Fia' but it's a big name to live up too. I think Ophelia would be better as a first name. The name Ophelia Yvaine Fiammetta would be better, Ophelia is an easier name to live with and too use.

    Gilda Elettra Rosalind - Ok I understand the attraction yet Gilda could cause difficulty I think Rosalind works better as a first name she's elegant and I can imagine working well for all different types of children which is important. Rosalind Alice Elettra is prettier.

    Hespera Daphne Arden - I've never liked the name Daphne and Hespera too me isn't pretty. Suggestion Persephone Cordelia Arden?

    Illyria Charis Marian - This is interesting, I like the whole effect of this combination she's really beautiful and elegant. However even though I love this combination I do think Illyria is a big name to live up too. I would have the combination Marian Illyria Charis.

    Polyhymnia Viola Elaine - Again Polyhymnia is a big name to live up, long complicated and could cause difficultly. Viola is a uncommon, beautiful name that would be great as a first name. Viola Elaine Polyhymina I think would work better.

    Zenobia Perdita Isolde - I would prefer Isolde in a first name slot just because she's so pretty. Isolde Perdita Zenobia I would prefer.

    Hopefully this didn't offend. I just feel that even though your combinations are spunky, fanciful and unique they potentially could be too much for somebody to live with. Thus I've tried to rearrange the combinations just so their easier to work with

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    Fiammetta Ophelia Elaine has my heart! So lovely and I'm so glad you went with Elaine over Yvaine. There's so much more history with Elaine and I can't help but thinking of vanity when I hear Yvaine.

    I actually think I like the repetition of the 'c' from Cressida Charis Amoret, so sound wise I prefer this to Cressda Viola Amoret. However, Viola is quite the namesake! For me, either of these combos would be 2nd place behind Fiammetta.

    I really hope you end up with Hespera in the front; she's so lovely. I would advise against Arden in the number one position, as she's so different from all your other girls names. I'm not sure how you feel about sibling name cohesion, but Arden is unisex while all of your other current choices are quite feminissima.

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    Okay, I've probably read all of your threads and really, I love your name aesthetic.
    You've probably introduced me to so many of my current favourites, so thank you!
    As for your choices here:
    Cressida Viola Amoret - LOVE LOVE. I like Viola more than Iris here, it just seems to roll of the tongue better for me.
    Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine - Also love, Either of these two top choices would be magical on a little girl!

    Others I like, Zenobia, it is very cute! Isolde, always one of my favourites.
    Hespera Daphne Arden is just wonderful, goes so well!

    Good Luck, I cannot wait to hear what you name this baby!!
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    Cressida Charis Amoret! As much as I like Viola, I don't care for the double -a ending and the way violA runs into Amoret. Charis is so crisp and nicely separates all the names. You already have the Shakespearean connection with Cressida.

    Rosalind & Illyria sound wonderful adjacent to each other-- Rosalind Illyria Charis, Rosalind Illyria Nerys, Rosalind Illyria Maris?
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    Cressida Iris Amoret and Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine are my favourites of your list! Fiammetta is just stunning and I have always had a place in my heart for Cressida. Have you considered Isolde as a first name? She's just gorgeous and stunning and I think any little girl would be lucky to have!
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