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    Marigold, Lavinia, Cosette, Colette, Alice, Verona?

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    I think you have done a fantastic job. Now you'll actually have to pick one!!!

    1. Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine
    2. Daphne Hespera Arden
    3. Cressida Viola Amoret
    4. Rosalind Miranda Berenice
    5. Zenobia Miranda Elaine

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    Thanks dudettes! I appreciate the help, and it seems like you all have (for the most) the same favourites.

    And no is too keen on Zenobia. I think it's so cute, and my boyfriend has lots of Cornish family, so it has a nice relation to that. Also, I have a little fantasy at the moment of having children called Foo, Roo and Zoo (Fiammetta, Rosalind/Robin & Zenobia)... I also picture a sweet little girl with blonde plaits playing peek-a-boo and climbing trees. I'm keeping it despite your feelings

    marsy & hazel, thank you!!

    dindlee, yeah, can't take Harry into account...

    Amy, I think it's much likelier that I'll use Tristan than Isolde. So I'm choosing the Charis one I think.

    Emma, thanks for the Yvaine/Elaine showdown, I think Elaine is better.

    Mosey, Fia is pretty cute. I'm going to use Foo as a nick name though.

    Niteowl, like I said a few posts back, normal is a relative term. I should've said more normal than some of my previous choices. Thanks though

    Milena, thank you! The picking one will happen after Baby is here.

    I think we've decided on:

    Cressida Viola Amoret
    Fiammetta Ophelia Elaine
    Rosalind Charis Illyria
    Zenobia Nerissa Marian

    Hespera is difficult for me. I am leaning towards Daphne or Arden for "normalness", but Hespera is the one that will sound most similar in English and Norwegian. My family will be able to pronounce the names correctly of course, but still.
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    Cressida Viola Amoret is to die for. So is Fiametta Ophelia Elaine! And Rosalind Charis Illyria. Zenobia is cute too, especially with your imagery of it. You really can't go wrong with any of these. So gorgeous!

    Hespera combos:

    Hespera Arden Yvaine
    Hespera Daphne Iris
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    Elaine! I keep expecting this name to come back because it has great mythological roots and is in the club with with Ella, but I think it will be awhile yet before it hits the upper charts. Fiametta Ophelia Elaine is fantastic. I love Arden so much, but it seems that your heart is with Hespera, so you should go with her. I coached an Arden in soccer and it worked so well on this normal little girl while still remaining magical.
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