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    I'm back and looking for a middle name for Ada

    Hi everyone.

    DH has finally come around to naming our baby, if it's a girl, Ada. I'm so happy because Ada was my beloved grandmother who was an incredible woman and lived to 94. I also love that my husband and daughter knew her. We are looking for an L middle name. Our previous name choice (and an alternative if dh changes his mind about Ada) was Audrey Laine. I love it but I don't love Laine with Ada. I love Ada Louise paired but it's a little too old lady and dh won't buy it. I think Ada sounds best with a one or two syllable middle name, and if it's two I think it should end in a consonant sound. I'm wondering if Ada Lu could work.

    I've gotten a lot of L middle name help on here when I was working on Audrey so I'm not sure if there is anything I haven't seen, but maybe a fresh pair of eyes is here today!

    Thanks so much.

    Ada Lune
    Ada Lou
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    Oooh, Ada Lune is pretty. I confess, though, my second thought just now was "ate a loon." Arg! Maybe that doesn't matter, haha. It flows nicely; Lune is pretty; and middle names aren't said all that often.

    I find Lou dated and unappealing, though I like both Louise and Louisa. Ada Lou also looks very short.

    What about:
    Ada Laurel
    Ada Lisle (prn like Lyle)
    Ada Lark or Ada Larkin (does the former become "ate a lark"?)
    Ada Lavender
    Ada Lucy or Ada Lucille (lovely!)
    Ada Lillian
    Ada Linden
    Ada Lilac
    Ada Linnet (LIN-net)
    Ada Leonie
    Ada Lisette

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    I am not a huge fan of Ada Lou....Ada lune feels kind of awkward to me. I love Ada Lucille! Or Ada Lisbeth?

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    Ada Lillian or Ada Liliana. I think Ada Lou / Lu is really cute and could be a nickname for Ada Louise.
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