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    My great-grandmother's name was Ada Lucille. I also like Ada Catharine.
    Lover of names: Classic, Literary, Historical, or whatever strikes my fancy!

    Current loves- Ada, Iris, Beata, Minna/James, Milo, Dermot, Ewan

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    How about Ada Larue or Ada Leilani?

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    Ha ha Ellenelle, my grandmother said that kids called her "ate a potata" so I'm sure this little one will end up eating something no matter what her middle name is!
    I love
    Ada Lisle
    Ada Lucille
    Ada Lillian
    Ada Lauren is pretty. Lauren is my bff's name but I think she'd share

    Thanks guys... keep 'em coming!

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    I love Ada!

    Hmmm I dislike Ada Lu/Ada Lou sounds kind of strange and has a sort hill billy vibe. I think Ada needs a longer name like Louise personally. I like Ada Lune but like ellenelle I did think 'ate a loon' which is silly but could cause some teasing. Also the whole combination does look strange!!

    Ada Lauren
    Ada Lavender
    Ada Liselle
    Ada Leonie
    Ada Lilian
    Ada Lisbeth
    Ada Lorelei
    Ada Liberty
    Ada Lenore


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    Ada Lark
    Ada Leocadia (may not be best as it contains Ada.)
    Ada Leora
    Ada Lior most stunning combination in my opinion.
    Ada Lumiere
    Ada Lucrezia

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