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    Holiday for a girl!

    Let me introduce you guys to one of my all-time favorite girls names. It may sound weird at first, but I love the name Holiday for a girl! It flows nicely. It has a great meaning ("holy day"). Would work well for a baby during the holiday season. Fabulous nickname of Holly. And positive connotations like "Happy Holidays!" and "A jolly Holiday!". I've fallen head over heels for this moniker after finding a post last summer on Swistle about a couple with a daughter named Holiday Phoenix.

    Thoughts? Please don't be too rude. I really love this name.

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    I quite like it actually, I've contemplated putting it on my list to honor Ms. Billie Holiday (which is a huge reason for liking it). I will say I've come to not like Holly as much, Daisy would be a cute alternative nn though.
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    I find it to be kind of childish and I would honestly have a hard time working with someone named Holiday as it seems to childish to me.
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    I think it's really cute. It's not my style, but I can see it working on a real person. Holly and Daisy are cute nicknames.
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    Love it but then again my top runner is Sunday. Some days I get lots of love in here for it and some days I get lots of pleas to avoid it. At some point you've got to know what u love and leave others out of it. But you've got my stamp of approval- I am of the opinion that once the name has a real person to attach it to, the name becomes the person and it doesn't seem strange.
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