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Thread: Benne

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    Smile Benne

    Hullo berries

    Expecting a thus far non-gendered bub in a few months. DH and I have settled on Benne or Bene for a girl, pronounced Benny (just like the male version). I like the 'boys on girls' name trend, and find that Benne is feminine sounding enough to work on a little girl. Would pair it with an overtly female middle name to avoid any confusion, but also relying on the difference in spelling to allude to it being a 'girl name'.


    Is is too masculine?
    Is the spelling going to create any confusion regarding pronunciation?
    Is it just plain ol' weird?

    Like most nameberries, I'm hoping to strike a balance between standing out while still being able to fit in.


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    There is a female antique expert on the PBS show "Market Warriors" by the name of Bene. I never really thought it seemed masculine when I watched the show. I also never really thought about the spelling. I think Bene makes it seem like a name all its own. I am not a fan of Benne.
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    Honestly? It looks like a pretentious spelling of Ben to me. If you're feeling the need to misspell Benny to make it more "feminine," something tells me you aren't comfortable giving your daughter a boy's name in the first place.
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    Hmm want to avoid anything that feels like we're trying too hard. My main intention in changing the spelling was to avoid straight up gender confusion at school etc. But if spelling it a new way makes me look like a wang, then Benny might be worth considering.

    Honestly, really love the name, and feel comfortable using it, maybe I'm just overthinking it.

    Still liking Bene/Benne though

    Thanks for your insight

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    This is a new name to me. I like the double N better, because my first thought seeing Bene was Bean. Cute nn, but not really a name IMO. What about Bennie or Bernice/Bernadette nn Beni?

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