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Thread: Benne

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    Oh man...I can't see Benne being female at all, as it was my grandfather's name. It was pronounced Ben, but spelled Benne. He was of Austrian Jewish decent, but I'm not sure of the specific origins of the name.

    I'm not sure if I like the name Benny (whichever way it is spelled) for a girl, but personal preferences aside, I think Bennie would be a better spelling to convey a feminine version of the male name.

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    I am also tempted to pronounce it BEH-nay, just because it is so like the Italian word 'bene', which means 'well' or 'properly', but also 'okay' and 'all right' in slang - it might look a bit strange to any Italian friends you have, but, depending on where you're from, that might not be an issue. I like Benne as a nickname too, and Benedicta, as previously suggested, is a lovely name, with Bene, or Benne, in it already. Alternatively, what about Benne as a middle name, and then she can bee called that by her family an close friends?

    Ultimately, as with all names, if you truly love it, go for it, but it may restrict your child from living abroad in the future - sorry to be a bore! Good luck.

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    Benita "Beni". Benita is the feminine form of Benito, which is the Spanish form of Benedict. Just do it, I'd love to meet a little girl named Benita!
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    I agree with previous posters who said Benne and Bene will likely be pronounced like penne. That's how I saw them. I also thought Beh-NAY like JonBenet Ramsay, not a good association. I prefer just Benny. I don't think it's that important that someone know your child's gender from reading their name. In my opinion, there isn't a real need to feminize the spelling.

    Did you like the idea of using Benny as a nn? I think it's really cute as a nn. Since you like boyish names on girls, a surname style name that ends in Ben could be a great way to Benny. I think Auben, Arben, and Maben are all really nice as girls names, and are unique without being weird. Maben is especially pretty to me.

    Good luck to you!
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    I wanted to pronounce it like Benna when I saw it (like a schwa for the e). I'd go with Bennie. Are you familiar with the Elton John song Bennie and the Jets? The protagonist was female, although I'm not sure exactly positive. That's an old reference though.

    One thought: Penny is much more popular on girls, and I bet the name is going to be heard as that from time to time, especially with Penelope on the rise.

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