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    I don't have any children yet, but I always felt that if a boy wants to play "house" or with dolls and the like let him. Boys need to know those things too when growing up, and I don't see any harm it's not "girly" to me necessarily. I did those things but I also did fishing, play soccer, and catch with my dad, etc. I was a tomboy, yet I loved playing house and dolls. I love the idea of boys in ballet, and stuff like that I don't see why they can't. I know of a boy in ballet, and one who loves pink, and another who likes dolls. It has nothing to do with masculinity or femininity they like what they like. I think it's nice to install "boy and girl" stuff in kids such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of people/kids = house, or fishing, soccer,= boy stuff etc I don't see why only one gender could learn those and the other can't?

    Now, I will say if the parents would encourage acting like a girl or girl as a boy such as wearing dresses on boys or I really can't think of an example for girls at the moment. Now nothing wrong with it when very little I don't see the big deal, but I mean school age and up is odd.

    I know this regardless of future kids gender they will be wearing some Batman clothes, lol. I mean the boy kind since no one makes them for girls all they make is batgirl for girls I want Batman for girls :/.

    I also don't see anything wrong with boys liking pink, I would let him if it was in boy section.
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    I grew up in South Africa. I might have been considered a tomboy in the respect that I played in the dirt with my brothers friends and went camping and hunting. But I also looked forward to sundays when I could wear my best dresses to church. I find that most children will go for anything. When I signed Darcie up for ballet and gymnastics it occurred to me that William might want to try it. He did ballet for 6 year and decided to change to street dance. It really helped find his passion and there is no reason to regret it.

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    Stuff like that makes me so sad and so grateful to be from the family I'm from. My parents have tons of flaws, but they never pushed me to do anything or kept me from doing anything because of my vagina and I thank them for that. I am also grateful for my husband who is the least hetero-sexist dude ever and literally talks about the future boyfriend or girlfriends our daughter brings home. I have his old roommate to thank for that! There's really nothing sexier than a guy who is so comfortable with himself that one of his closest friends is bisexual. I would love to see what my husband's reaction would've been at that party.

    I honestly find it hard to click with moms of boys cause they all seem to have really strange relationships with their son's maleness. I have heard the phrase "he's all boy" so many times since becoming a mom and I still have no idea what that means. I've heard it used as an excuse for bad behavior and a boast of his abilities. I am also so grossed out by the weirdness of moms talking about "date nights" with their "little boyfriends" and how their sons are the only men in their lives that love them/understand them/matter ect. I struggle with the idea of ever having a son even though I know that my husband would love to have one.

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