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    Oh my gosh! I never thought of the fox and the hound thing! your totally right! Never use those two as a sibset....

    I actually like fox too =)

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    I like: Maja Faith, Violet Elle and Lucie Rue
    I don't like: Bliss Elise, Easton Elise and Tia Segina
    Girls: Matilda, Margo, Malva, Anouk, Lola, Lorelei, Luna

    Boys: Leo, Noah, Henry, Finn(ley), Mika, Emilio

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    Violet Elle - dislike both Violet and Elle, but it's spunky combo. 2,9
    Lucie Rue - Dislike Rue, but Lucie is ok. Combo is bit ugly. 2,9
    Georgia Liv - Like both names, combo is ok, 4,1
    Siri Mei - like Mei, hate Siri, combo is awkward. 1,8
    Maja Faith - nice one, both names are ok, 4,2
    Bliss Elise - both are in my list, combo is cute, 4,8
    Tia Segina (pronounced sheh-gee-nuh) - dislike both names, 1,4
    Easton Elise - not liking Easton, love Elise, 3,5
    Ivory Elle - nice, 4,3


    Copper Wesley - nice, 4,8
    Todd Wesley - nice, 4,5
    Wylie Grey - combo awkward, love Grey, 3,1
    Abel Grey - dislike Abel, 3,1
    Tucker Declan - 2,4
    Avery Layne - ok, 3,2
    Lynx Wesley - nice, 3,8

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    (Mixed some together in diff combos


    Lucie Rue
    Ivory May
    Georgia Mae


    Avery Grey (or Gray)
    Wylie Grey
    Avery Lane
    Abel Grey

    'Copper' is really interesting but being British it makes me think of slang for policeman lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by philomena View Post
    Tucker Declan - Tucker is horrible. Rhymes with f*cker.
    I lol'ed. Thought exact same thing but didn't wanna say.

    Quote Originally Posted by philomena View Post
    Lynx Wesley - Lynx is utterly ridiculous and I would laugh if I met a child called Lynx.
    In Britain Lynx is a man's deodorant where in every advert he sprays it and thousands of women come flocking to him. A boy called lynx here would be the equivalent of yelling 'COME GET ME GIRRRRLS!'

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