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    Help with Sibling names for Kenji!


    I haven't had to think of baby names for 3 years and now we're expecting again and are having a difficult time with making a list. We don't know the sex yet, and since we're planning on having more children it would be helpful to get ideas for both genders.

    The difficulty we're having is because our son's name is Kenji. It's a traditional Japanese name. My husband is half Japanese and we wanted a creative way to honor him; Kenji is an extension of Ken, my husband's middle name.

    Anyways, now we're having a hard time deciding on if we should keep the Japanese theme or open up our naming possibilities to a wider list, but we're having a hard time figuring out names that go with Kenji. Also, I'm worried whether a bunch of kids with Japanese names will be too much since they'll only be 1/4 Japanese.

    Here's the Japanese names we like, so you can get an idea of them with Kenji.
    Sayuri- Little lily
    Ayame- Iris
    Asami- Morning beauty
    Mizuki- Beautiful moon
    Chihiro- A thousand questions/ curious child
    Izumi- Fountain

    Sousuke- Can't remember meaning..
    Shun- Quick
    Isamu- Brave man
    Yuuki- Courage
    Naoki- Honest child

    For more western names I was thinking they would have to be offbeat, quirky names that aren't popular, but sound like real names.

    Any advice or input on names would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks!
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    Bump. Any suggestions?

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    @kady-- It sounds like Kenji's name was special not only due to your husband's heritage, but also as an honor name given your husband's middle name. I think your fears re: naming your 1/4 Japanese children exclusively Japanese names make a great deal of sense-- you can be left thinking "where am I reflected in these children"-- particularly if they bear their father's surname exclusively.

    Now, a sibling set of Kenji, Tyler and Madison leaves poor Kenji out on his lonesome, so I'm not suggesting doing a complete 180. I would, however, suggest moving your Japanese favorites to the middle and selecting a name more commonly given here; or, conversely, picking a name which works in English as well as in Japanese. Ideas:





    Conversely, you could give a double name with the same meaning-- like "Iris Ayame" or "Lillian Sayuri."

    Are there any Western names you're considering?
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    I really love Japanese names. My favorites on your lists are Sayuri, Mizuki, and Naoki (I really love Naoki!).

    I like blade's suggestion; from her list my favorites are Sora, Hana, and Mai. I'm still thinking about Western names; I will come back to this, though!
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    Thanks for the input guys.

    Blade- that's our biggest fear, picking western names that don't go at all with Kenji. My favorite names off your list are Ami and Ren, but I'll have to look up the meanings because that's important to us. We probably won't do a double name because that's not really my style. I'm a little unsure of putting Japanese in the middle because we want to use middle position for honoring family. Maybe double middle?

    Shellez- those are our favorites, too . My husband loves Mizuki, but I'm hesitant because our last name starts with M.

    I like a lot of names, but I think quirky, offbeat, and rarely used names would go best with Kenji? Some names we like, but are unsure if they go are: Otto, Hugo, Felix for boys and seraphina, ottilie, Matilda, Penelope for girls. None of these are necessarily favorites of ours and I know I'm forgetting some, so any other suggestions would be helpful .

    The middle names will be Francis for a boy and pearl or Louise for girls, as we want to keep the theme of honoring family. Our last name is Miller.

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