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    Since i´m argentinian i will give you some names we use here.
    Libertad (means freedom) (lee - BER- tad)
    Anunciación (A noon see ah see OHN)
    Concepción (con cep (as in september ) Cee OHM )Almost all the spanish names have an accent in the last silabe.
    Jazmín (Haz - Meen)
    Luján (Loo Han)
    Ayelén (an Argentinan native name who means joy/joyful ) (Ah Je (as in jenny ) Lehn )
    Ailén (Argentinian native name who means little fire) Ah ee Lehn

    well I think is all the names i can think for the time.
    Sorry for my bad english , is not my first language...

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