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    Willamina and Wilhelmina

    I've been thinking about potential girl names to honor my great grandfather William Emil. Wilhelmina is an obvious choice but it seems a bit heavy. I came across Willamina recently and really am drawn to that name. However does Willamina seem like a made up name or creative spelling?

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    I much prefer Wilhelmina. It's pronounced "willamina" anyway, unless you go for the German "vilhelmina" pronunciation.
    Willamina does look made-up and insubstantial to me, sorry.

    Wilhelmina ...The nickname Winnie, or Billie, could lighten it further.

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    Also Emmeline, "EM-ah-leen" could honor an Emil.

    Emmeline Willa or Emmeline Willow

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    I prefer Wilhelmina as well. They're pronounced the same, and I think Wilhelmina looks more regal and sophisticated than Willamina.

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    I personally prefer Wilhelmina as well. If you think it's too heavy what about just Willa or Willow to honour William. I think Willamina would always have problems with spelling issues which may not be the end of the world but it's something to consider.
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