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Thread: Mina

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    I think Mina is cute and fun!
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    Wilhelmina is a family name, and to distinguish between the ten of them in my family, a few of them go by Mina. It's a cute, spunky nickname, if you ignore the "mean" sound in the name.
    I also believe it has Hindi/Indian roots; I know two girls of that heritage who have that as their full given name.
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    I really like Mina- I've loved it ever since I first read Dracula freshman year. I like it on its' own, and as a nickname for Wilhelmina.

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    I like the name Mina. I have a friend who's daughter is named Mina Riley.

    How about Mina Joy? It's short & sweet, but also spunky.

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    I like it, Mina is sweet but not saccharine. Spunky but still sophisticated.

    There is also Meena (Indian origin)
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