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Thread: Mina

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    Jun 2011
    I think it is gorgeous and doesn't need a longer name. I think it is sweet, but easily could see this one on an adult.

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    I really like it. Don't care for Wilhelmina though, so I'd opt to use it standing alone.

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    Mina is cute, and I think it can stand alone. It doesn't sound cutesy or overly nickname-y.
    Mn suggestions -
    Mina Eloise
    Mina Louise
    Mina Gwendolyn
    Mina Elizabeth
    Mina Elise
    Mina Violet
    Mina Blythe
    Mina Rosalie
    Mina Corinne
    Mina Katherine
    Mina Kathleen
    Mina Celeste
    Mina Genevieve
    Mina Lucille
    Mina Scarlett
    Mina Frances
    **Annabelle Rose and Charles Frederick have completed our little family.**

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    Really like it!

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    I love the name. It's my little sister's name though, so maybe I am just biased. Her name is Mina Renee (:
    I think...
    Mina Evangeline
    Mina Rhodaline
    Mina Braunwen
    Mina Kate (short and sweet)
    Mina Harriett
    Mina Finley
    Mina Diane
    Mina Elisabeth
    Mina Rosalind
    Mina Lilac
    Mina Evelyn
    Mina Josephine
    Mina Felicity
    Mina Olivia
    Mina Desiree


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