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    I don't think one necessarily goes better with your daughter's name since they sound very similar, but I agree with pps that Bartleby sounds too cartoony. Plus when I say Bartleby, it feels like a mouthful and I feel like I should be saying Barnaby instead, if that makes any sense. Barnaby goes perfectly with Jonas in my opinion. Jonas Barnaby is just too handsome and distinguished for words. Wow. Gorgeous!

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    I agree with the others. Barnaby is already pretty whimsical. Bartleby is over the top silly. It does indeed sound like a cartoon villain.

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    Bartleby makes me think of the Melville story and it is not a story full of hope and new life. Go with Barnaby.
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    I prefer Barnaby. It sounds clunky but cool whereas Bartleby sounds made up.
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    I prefer Barnaby too for the same reasons noted above.

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