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    So great. Unexpected, beautiful, and so strong. I know two. One is incredibly smart and strong. The other is sort of edgy, sassy, and strong, so I love it because I love strong ladies.
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    I went to school with a Bronwyn she had the nn Bronnie. She was a nerdy/quirky girl!
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    I like it, but I like lots of -wen names. I slightly favour Branwen over Bronwen (for the meaning as much as anything) but I think Bronwen does have the advantage of familiarity for a lot of people. I suspect a Branwen would be misspelled often.

    It looks much softer without the y.

    Nora and Bronwen seem to flatter each other actually - both Gaelic/Celtic, feminine but not frilly, two syllables, but not too similar otherwise.

    I'd probably call her Win, or Winnie. I have known a Bronwyn who went by Wynny.

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    Okay, I suppose I'll be the unwelcome voice of dissent.

    I find Bronwen quite stodgy, clunky and unattractive. I know an adult Bronwen, and she's always hated her name; I don't blame her.

    Sorry, that's just my honest opinion.

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    Another lover of Bronwen. It has a quirky but strong charm and while I battle with if it's right for me Bronwen goes great with Nora!

    Never thought of Bonnie as a nn though but it makes me love it even more! Bonnie & Win/Winnie are my favorite nn's.
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