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    Just collecting.

    Ok just for fun...

    I'm so in love with my boy name - Crispin Yew, nn Cy (from the C.Y. initials.) It has all kinds of crazy significance, and honors family. But I'm wondering if I should have a second boy name on the shelf in the event that I have two boys. Anyone want to give me some new names or combos to think about? I like nature names, old names, sentimental names... Not sure how to describe my style. My husband is a sucker for anything Shakespearean.

    Francis would be a way to indirectly honor my grandmother Meline (big fan of St Francis, and an animal-lover.) I also have a great great aunt Frances who was an incredible painter and supposedly a real wild-thing.
    Marsh is another possible honoring-name on my husband's side. Julius too, indirectly.
    There's an Alexandra. I'm not wild about Alexander.. Love Alyosha, though it's pretty OTT. A name beginning with X might fit the bill. And there's a Kimberly. We've talked about using Kim as a middle name for a boy, kind of love the idea, but it would need the right kind of earthy-sleek first name.

    Francis Meline?
    Not zippy enough for a brother to Crispin/Cy? Is Meline doable for a boy? As a first name? It was originally a man's name in my family. Pronounced "meh-LEEN"

    I love Laurence but my husband isn't feeling it. Ditto Basil, Quincy, Wythe.

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