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    Just collecting.

    Ok just for fun...

    I'm so in love with my boy name - Crispin Yew, nn Cy (from the C.Y. initials.) It has all kinds of crazy significance, and honors family. But I'm wondering if I should have a second boy name on the shelf in the event that I have two boys. Anyone want to give me some new names or combos to think about? I like nature names, old names, sentimental names... Not sure how to describe my style. My husband is a sucker for anything Shakespearean.

    Francis would be a way to indirectly honor my grandmother Meline (big fan of St Francis, and an animal-lover.) I also have a great great aunt Frances who was an incredible painter and supposedly a real wild-thing.
    Marsh is another possible honoring-name on my husband's side. Julius too, indirectly.
    There's an Alexandra. I'm not wild about Alexander.. Love Alyosha, though it's pretty OTT. A name beginning with X might fit the bill. And there's a Kimberly. We've talked about using Kim as a middle name for a boy, kind of love the idea, but it would need the right kind of earthy-sleek first name.

    Francis Meline?
    Not zippy enough for a brother to Crispin/Cy? Is Meline doable for a boy? As a first name? It was originally a man's name in my family. Pronounced "meh-LEEN"

    I love Laurence but my husband isn't feeling it. Ditto Basil, Quincy, Wythe.

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    Ooh, how fun! I need someone else's crazy to think about! I do like Francis Meline, but agree that it's not spunky and zesty enough.

    My boyfriend decided he wanted a Shakespeare name in baby's name, so I'm going through all of these anyways, so:
    From The Tempest: Sycorax, female part, a witch, but sounds masculine. Caliban's mother. Is Caliban, too crazy? He's got one of the best lines: "You taught me language; and my profit on't is, I know how to curse. The red plague rid you for learning me your language!". Gonzalo? Or my favourite, Prospero?
    The Two Gentlemen of Verona has the maginificent Eglamour! He's pretty cool as well. I always had a sof spot for Measure for Measure's Vincentio, he's bloody marvelous! Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing is cool, and Petruchio and Lucentio from The Taming of a Shrew. Beau, Corin, Silvius, Amiens from As You Like It.
    Orsino from Twelfth Night, Florizel & Autolycus from Winter's Tale. Cymbeline... too close to Cy? Pericles, Cleon, Cerimon from Pericles, Prince of Tyre.
    I personally think Troilus is a nice name, nn Troy? There's Quintus from Titus Andronicus, and Tybalt and Mercutio from Romeo & Juliet (the best characters in that play in my opinion). Roderigo from Othello...

    I'll look at others and get back.
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    First off, really like Crispin Yew! And I'd like to see Kim used on a boy. Then both your combos would have a 3-letter MN. Cute

    I always thought Francis a bit plain, but it works quite well with Meline for a MN and Crispin for a brother. Crispin and Julius also work together. I'd leave Meline in the middle spot as it seems a bit girly for a FN.

    There's always Xander and Sacha as alternate Alexander names.

    Some new names: Ariel, Alban, Fabian, Gregory, Jago, Blaise, Lucian, Magnus, Florian...

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    Oh, I do love Crispin. He was tippy tops of my boy's list for a while! I'm also a giant fan of Francis and Julius/Julian. I think either could work with a brother called Cy. Cy & Frankie, Cy & Jules. I'll throw out a few of my faves, maybe something will stick

    Tobias (Cy & Toby!)
    Edmund (Cy & Ned?)

    ETA: I missed the bit about Meline. I'll have to chew on that - I've never heard it before. My gut reaction is that it sounds feminine, but I don't really think it matters in the middle. I think if I had to choose I'd use Francis as a way to honor over Meline, though.
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    Otter, your mention of Vincentio reminded me of the name Vincent. Holy cannoli it's beautiful. Thank you! My husband is really in love with Van Gogh (crying in the Musee d'Orsay kind of in love.) The more I think about it, the more I think it's dashing dashing dashing!
    Caliban is too close to Taliban I'm afraid, and Cymbeline.. I considered this one for Cy! Prospero, Silvius, and Tybalt really resonate though. Especially Prospero.. love that character.

    Charlie, thank you. Yes, if we used Kim there would be a nice symmetry... Perhaps you're right about Francis. I don't know.
    Julius and Meline are probably better in the middle.
    I do like Ariel and Florian, but these names belong to friends of mine. Blaise and Lucien (with the e, for some reason) are glorious!

    Thank you Tk. Wow Frankie! I think I'd want to avoid Frankie :-b
    Marius and Sylvan have been on and off my list - the former too.. princely or something, the latter too close to Cy.
    But Ernest is very beautiful, humble, and underused. I will put it on the list!

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