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    Are these names too nerdy or "pet-like"?

    I'm really loving Milo and Lyle for boys. However, not only have I heard they're nerdy, but also some people say that they sound like pet names.

    I'm okay with sort of a "hipster/nerdy" vibe like Henry or Simon, but I'm not for going legit nerdy like Leonard, Eugene or Melvin...

    I think I'm most concerned with the idea of people saying they sound like pet names. And what about Lyle the Crocodile? Lyle Lovett? Are these associations still strong enough to make Lyle a deal-breaker?

    Middle name for both would most likely be James or Jameson. James is my husband's name and Jason is his brother's name.

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    I think they're perfectly fine! Milo seems to be pretty popular on nameberry, and Lyle is a name I haven't heard in so long that I almost forgot about it.

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    I wouldn't say Milo and Lyle are nerdy at all! I wouldn't say they're pet names either. Anyway, people call their pets Max, Rex, Bella etc and kids with those names get on ok.

    I have no idea who Lyle Lovett is or what Lyle the Crocodile is, probably because I'm in the UK. I've only heard Lyle once- on a grown man who was very athletic and outgoing, so it makes me think of him. Also makes me think of Lyle's syrup and treacle but I don't think they have that in North America. Shame because it's AMAZING

    As for Milo, I like it a little better than Lyle. I've heard it on a few boys in my area. It's just a pure boy name to me.

    Milo Jameson and Lyle Jameson are great. Jameson is such a brilliant way to include both your husband and his brother!
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    Milo is a Nameberry favorite, so I know you'll get a lot of praise for that one here. Lyle is a name that I never hear brought up, even on this website, and I would love to see it used. It's the perfect replacement for the dated Kyle.

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    I think Milo can be a popular pet name, but not Lyle. Instead of Lyle, you could go with Kyle. And as for Milo, how about Miles, nn Milo?

    Milo James - very handsome
    Lyle Jameson - also very handsome!
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