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    For the past few years you have dreamed about moving to America. You've been working hard and finished school. For your 19th birthday your parents gives you the last money you need to buy a ticket and live in America. You're so excited to move from Birmingham England.
    Name: Mia Clementine Ward

    The first thing you do when you come to New York City is finding a job. You go to this pretty coffeehouse Zibetto and you ask if the need any help and that your looking for a job. The owner looks at you and start asking you a bunch of questions you answer them as honestly as you can and he says you start 6am tomorrow and if you wanna keep your job you need to be on time. You tell him that he will not be sorry for hiring you. You jump up and down of happiness. The next day you're at work 5.30 in the morning just to show you're boss Martin that your dead serious about this job. The following days goes by and your so happy and you boss seems satisfied that he hired you. Everyday since you started working this handsome guy comes in and buys coffee of you, Monday-Friday 8.45am. You want to now his name but you can't bring yourself to ask. One day you've already prepared a coffee for Mr. unnamed and you just give it to him when he walks towards the counter. He laughs and you can't help to blush when he thinks your funny. He tells you that it might be his turn to take you out for coffee. You just smile as you watch is beautiful face. “As a date you ask carefully”. “Yes” he answers. “How about lunch instead?” you ask, and he says “even better”. At 1.30 he comes and gets you and you two go and eat lunch together.
    His Name: Evan Prescott Hayes
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Med Student

    The lunch is over and the both of you have to return to your jobs but you switch numbers. You walk back to the coffeehouse and your just smiling all the way in. One of your co-workers Annabeth wants to know all details and you tell her what you talked about and so on. For a few weeks you eat lunch and dinner some night and you've already kissed for the first time but you wouldn't say your a couple. One Saturday afternoon you and a friend Kate goes out to shop and you see Evan whit an other girl. This girl is really clingy and they hug each other and even kiss. Kate sees how upset you are and tells you that maybe you should be heading home you agree and in the car no one says a word. Monday morning when you're back at work instead of Evan comes and get coffee the girl you saw him with does. She wants a latte and a cappuccino he always have. Late the same day he calls you and you don't answer. Instead he comes to the Coffeehouse the next day and asks why you didn't return his phone calls last night. You just say why should I it's not like we're together. Evan doesn't understand a thing and you tell him that you saw him together at the mal the other day and he and his “girlfriend” looked very in love. He wants to explain but you don't want to listen and tells him you have to go back to work. The following days he tries to call you, talk to you at work, visits your house but you don't answer. After a while you kinda give up. You tell him to meet you In the city to talk. He meets you there and he starts to explain. After he's done you feel bad for not talking to him sooner. The girl was an x girlfriend who didn't want to expect that they had broken up and that he didn't feel anything for this girl any more. “I just want to be with you, I love you Mia” he said. You put your hands at his cheeks and you kissed his gently and said “I love you to” The next days you spend almost every waking moment with each other. After a couple of months dating you decide that it's time for you to move in together. You find a nice house that you both like and move in in the end of the month.

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