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    You: Jillian Elizabeth Danvers
    SO: Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    How many births will you have?: (Complete this many of the births below)
    1- 3

    Birth #1: Celia Rose Danvers
    1- DD

    Birth #2: Azalea Phoebe Danvers
    5- DD

    Birth #3: Theron Gray Danvers & Lysander Ash Danvers
    1- DS/DS

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    Ft. Myers
    DW: Brianna Marie Foster
    DH: Michael Adam Foster

    Birth 1: boy
    Sebastian Finn Foster

    Birth 2: girl
    Leah Marie Foster

    Birth 3: boy
    Cameron Mitchell Foster (Mitchell, South Dakota)

    Birth 4: boy
    Noah Glenn Foster (Glenn=valley)

    Birth 5: boy
    Wyatt Adrian Foster

    Birth 6: girl
    Lucy Allison Foster

    Birth 7: boy, boy, girl, girl
    Elliot "Eli" Joseph Foster
    Cooper "Coop" John Foster
    Aurora "Rory" Jade Foster
    Skyler "Skye" June Foster

    I tried to upload them but it doesn't work for me.
    Sebastian is 15, born September 29th.
    Leah is 12, born April 23rd.
    Cameron is 10, born May 25th.
    Noah is 7, born March 8th.
    Wyatt is 5, born January 12th.
    Lucy is 3, born August 28th
    Eli, Coop, Rory, and Skye are 1, born February 7th.
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