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    I've known females named James before, along with too many Jamies/Jaimies to count, half of which were nicknamed James.

    BJ isn't ideal but James is the prettier sounding of the two.

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    I wouldn't worry about it because honestly, kids don't tease about middle names. I had friends with maiden-name middles like Mann and Gordon, and while they're not cute, no one really cares. I think Broadus is a better choice of the two because its unique it'll make people ask where the name came from where as James seems more random.

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    I would try to feminize it somehow and also lengthen it for flow-Blythe Jamesina? Blythe Broadus is OK but I don't care for the name as much, and initials B.J. might be an issue too? Depends on your last name I guess. Middle names SO rarely get seen/used, I think it's not too important/she won't get teased regardless of your choice-GL.

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    I love James for a girl's middle name. I think it really works. Do it!

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