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    Family Middle Name- How Bad Would this Be?

    We are currently deciding on our daughter's middle name. Today, while we were discussing choices, DH suggested his grandfather's last name. He has no male heirs to carry on his name, and my husband thought it would be a neat way to pay homage to his grandfather and mother, who is an only child. DH is also named after this man, so it would be a neat way to connect her name history with her dad's. I love the idea, I really do. It would be the perfect choice, except, the name is not completely attractive. I am afraid it opens the door to merciless teasing. I need outside opinions on what is almost the perfect choice. I am also willing to consider his grandfather's first name, which I like paired with our firat name choice, but I feel that loses some of the significance.

    Surname Choice:
    Blythe Broadus

    Grandfather's first name as middle:
    Blythe James

    Blythe will be the first name; that will not change. Please offer your honest thoughts.

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    Blythe is adorable, I really like it. Blythe Broadus is pretty clunky, so I like Blythe James. I don't think using the first name takes away from the significance. She's still being named for her grandfather and father.

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    What about something like Blythe Brodie? Blythe James isn't so bad, I know an Ella George named for the same reasons. I suppose Blythe Jamie could also do the trick depending on how it flows with your last name.
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    I know a girl whose middle name is Chain (I don't know for sure whether or not this is a family name, but it leads me to think so), so I guess Broadus isn't that worst in the book, but it's not the best, either. If you want to, what about adding another middle name? Like Blythe Broadus Eliza?

    Blythe James is OK, but honestly, it sounds like a boys' name to me, although I don't think Blythe was ever male? But it's just my opinion, and it make sense.
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    Blythe is lovely. I'm casting a vote for Blythe Broadus. Sure, Broadus is clunky; however, it has the most meaning to you and your husband. Blythe James would have the initials B.J. - something I'd avoid. When it comes to the middle name you shouldn't worry about teasing potential. Her classmates won't know her middle name unless she tells them.

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